Summer Slimdown (or, balancing entrepreneurship with being a Mommy & being healthy)

Being a Mom is hard. Very hard.

Where did this girl go?

I used to think life was hard when I was running a thriving, growing business (the one that was acquired last year). It was difficult to fit in a workout and eat right while working such long hours and still trying to have ‘down’ time to spend with my husband.

Hahahahahahhahahahaha. I was delusional.

Going into work ‘late’ so I could go to an 8am pilates class? Following the ‘eat clean’ diet and cooking meals from scratch every single night (while I drank a glass of wine)? Going out for a run anytime I felt like it? What was so hard again? It’s no wonder I fit in my ‘skinny’ jeans the entire year before (and during the first trimester) of my pregnancy.

Fast forward and I now have a very lovable, but very busy 2 year old little man and a new and quickly growing business. Oh, I also moved acros the country six months ago. Have I thrown in enough excuses yet?

As a Mommy first, entrepreneur second, taking care of myself has fallen way, way down on the list of priorities. It’s very hard to prioritize myself and recognize taking care of my own health is important too. Recently, I have begun to feel the neglect through a reduced attention span and constant desire to take a nap. It’s time to make some changes and get my energy back!

Today I thought I would share some of the resources I find super inspirational/helpful to stay on my journey.

  1. For The Glow. An awesome resource, Jenn offers both nutritional and fitness resources through a one-time membership. I have started doing a green smoothie for breakfast every morning and it feels good knowing a good portion of my greens have been consumed for the day! Also, I count on Jenn for my resistance training, and cardio for days it’s raining or too cold/hot to run outdoors.
  2. Kesha Station on Pandora. This one is almost embarrassing, but I love me some Kesha while I run. Dance music has the perfect beat per minute while you’re running to stay at a steady pace.
  3. Outdoor Parks with Trails. For any St. Louis readers, I love Forest Park, Tilles Park, and Tower Grove Park to run. My mileage is pretty small right now (typically 2-3 miles) so it’s easy to find parks at this distance.
  4. Adding my workout to my calendar. It’s an appointment I can’t miss. Sounds silly – in fact, I laughed it off when someone else told me they did it. But, it has worked really well for me so far. Plus, I force myself to delete it from my calendar if I miss the workout so I can see a high level overview of what I actually achieved that week/month.
  5. Friends Blogging About Fitness. A few friends in particular blog about their fitness and their honesty and tips have helped me realize everyone struggles with consistency. It’s all about pushing through.
    • – Jenn is training for a marathon later this month (go JENN!) – I can’t wait to see her cross the finish line in a few weeks!
    • Cloud Maven - Another Jenn (I’m seeing a trend here?) – Jenn Donogh is the ultimate Mommy Entrepreneur. She blogs about integrating fitness into her business lifestyle (and technology that makes it easier).
    • – Megan (yeah, not another Jenn!) used to work for me at SearchMarketMe – she is an amazing woman and I have loved staying in touch with her. She recently blogged about her success in recently losing 12lb, and her ongoing journey to recover after having kids.

I’m still looking for a great Running Belt – I need something to hold my keys, plus maybe ID and cash. Suggestions?

Weigh in on Twitter – have you found it more difficult to stay healthy after kids?

5 Comments to “Summer Slimdown (or, balancing entrepreneurship with being a Mommy & being healthy)”

  1. Megan says:

    Love it Jenny! You’re right, it’s definitely hard to make yourself a priority when you’re a mom, and wife, and working, etc. But it is SO important. I’m excited to hear how your Summer Slimdown goes :) Great post!!!

  2. Jaime says:

    Jenny – you’ll do great! You’re one determined mama… oh, and as far as the running belt, when you find one, let me know, I am in serious need of one too!

    • Zehra says:

      Ok so I guess running aruond after three kids doesn’t really count?? or working three days a week??? My all time favorite workout was a Body Flow class I used to take. It was a combo of palates, yoga and ti-chi. I hate that I don’t have time for it now because it was the best! I definitely have trouble zones that could use work now- ha!

  3. Keri Meyers says:

    Great post, Jen! I just got a SPI Belt and really love it for running!

  4. Jennifer says:

    You will get your mojo back! Everyone goes through phases. I have an iFitness belt and really like it. As long as I have the right clothes on (nothing too slick) it doesn’t ride or bounce w/ the two water bottles I have. Two pockets hold my cell phone, keys and up to three packets of Gu.

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